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Lymph2Cx Assay
DLBCL cell-of-origin Classifier

Page Updated: Thursday, 02-Oct-2014 09:20:35 EDT

Access to the DLBCL subtype Classification tool is restricted to a limited set of users.

  • Access the Classification Tool using your NIH/Federated login
  • Access the Classification Tool using a local login/password

    Lymph2Cx Portal Users Guide (Updated Oct 2, 2014) in PDF (Adobe Reader) format

    Disclaimer: This test is designed to be used on FFPE samples that have been confirmed by Pathologists to be of the DLBCL subtype with at least 60% tumor content, and have been processed according to the Nanostring SOP. Other samples may produce unexpected or inaccurate results. Although some quality control is incorporated into the algorithm it is recommended that users additionally exclude samples that have been flagged by the NanoString nSolver Analysis software as being of poor quality, or otherwise appear as outliers. This tool has not been evaluated by the FDA or any other regulatory agency, and is not intended for clinical use.
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