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Data Download Area

Data for Figures:

  • Data for the clusters presented within the paper are available here, all as text tab-delimited cluster data.  These downloadable data files can be conveniently browsed on IBM PC compatible computers using TreeView, a publicly available software package written by Michael Eisen.

DLCL Survival/IPI:

Raw Data:

  • Raw data for all Lymphochip microarrays used are available here.  For each microarray, two scan files were generated, one for each fluorescence emission wavelength corresponding to the fluorophor used in the reverse transcription labeling reaction (i.e., Cy3-dUTP = 532 nm, Cy5-dUTP = 635 nm).  Image analysis for each pair of arrays was performed on IBM PC compatible computers using ScanAlyze, and included a semi-manual gridding process whereby the spots are identified and stored in a grid file (ScanAlyze SAG file).  The extracted data files are available as text tab-delimited DAT files (ScanAlyze output), and you can find descriptions of the columns here, as well as in the ScanAlyze User Manual (in Adobe Acrobat PDF Format). 

List of cDNA clones on the Lymphochip:

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