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Lymphoma/Leukemia Molecular Profiling Project


Welcome to the website companion to Alizadeh et al. Nature 403: 503-511 (2000).

The accompanying News & Views item by Anton Berns from the same issue is also available here.

Here you can find enhanced views of data presented in the paper, as well as additional enhanced content not found in the paper.

Please make a selection from the following:

  • Explore figure details using GeneExplorer, a web application for online browsing of the clustered gene expression data
  • A search function over the complete dataset, including BLAST
  • Figures from the paper and web exclusive supplemental material
  • Data analysis methods employed, along with relevant links.
  • Web Supplement containing additional figures
  • Help on how to interpret the figures
  • Download the primary data
  • The Authors involved in this publication

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For questions and/or comments on this website, please send e-mail to Ash Alizadeh.