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Supplemental Figures and Tables

Additional Analyses:

1.      Supplemental Figure 1: Neighborhood analysis supports the GC-B Like  vs. Activated B-Like class distinction

2.      Supplemental Figure 2: Voting by class-prediction strength for the two classes

3.      Supplemental Figure 3: List of best class-predicting genes supporting the GC-B Like  vs. Activated B-Like class distinction

  • Correlations between functionally related gene clusters and relationship of gene clusters to clinical outcome measures

Reference Information:

  • Construction of the Lymphochip cDNA Microarray

1.      Tables with Statistics on cDNA libraries comprising the Lymphochip

2.      List of cDNA clones on the Lymphochip available as:

a.      HTML table (large!)

b.      Text, tab-delimited file (864 KB)

c.       Microsoft Excel v5.0/95 compatible Workbook (1.6 MB)

  • Preparation of Reference RNA Pool for Type II Hybridizations

1.      List of constituent cell lines in Lymphopool

2.      Comparison of performance of Type I (direct) and Type II (indirect, using pool) Experimental Designs in 2-color cDNA Microarray Hybridizations

  • Laboratory Methods and Protocols

1.      Cell preparation (coming soon)

2.      Cultured Cells (coming soon)

a.      Primary Cells (coming soon)

(1)   B-cells (coming soon)

(2)   T-cells (coming soon)

b.      Bulk Lymphomas (coming soon)

3.      Isolation of mRNA

4.      Preparation of fluorescent cDNA probes and hybridization to cDNA microarrays

5.      Other microarray related protocols:

a.      The Brown Lab Microarray Protocols

b.      Lab Manual from the 1999 Cold Spring Harbor Labs Course on “Making & Using cDNA Microarrays”



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